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The National Baseball Hall Of Fame
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The National Baseball Hall Of Fame

Published or Updated July 23, 2018
Location: United States
Sport: Baseball
Level: Professional
Event Type: Hall Of Fame
First Held: 1939
Next Up: 7/27/2018-7/30/2018
When and Where: year round in Cooperstown, NY

The hallowed halls of the National Baseball Hall of Fame are nestled amongst idyllic, gently rolling hills cut by glaciers millions of years ago – leaving a sense of history appropriate to the house that holds the last living impressions and greatest collection of memorabilia associated with baseball’s great ones.

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A Hall of Fame Trip Sep 10 2010   General

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Bill Bryson For those of us who are baseball fans and agnostics, the Hall of Fame is as close to a religious experience as we may ever get.
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