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Pebble Beach Golf Links

Published or Updated February 5, 2018
Location: United States
Sport: Golf
Level: Multi
Event Type: Venue
First Held: 1880
Next Up: 2/5/2018-2/11/2018
When and Where: year round in Carmel-by-the-Sea, CA

Play it, walk it, drive by it. Pebble Beach combines the natural beauty of the rocky Californian Pacific Coast with perfectly manicured greens and fairways in a way that no other course – in the states or otherwise – can come close to matching.

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“Pebble Beach is more than just America's greatest golf course, it's a national treasure. The beauty is unsurpassed and so is the drama created by so many thrilling, famous holes. No golfing life is complete until you’ve experienced Pebble's coastline, following in the footsteps of Nicklaus, Watson and Woods and an untold number of everyday dreamers.” ALAN SHIPNUCK, SPORTS ILLUSTRATED
“If I had only one more round to play, I would choose to play it at Pebble Beach. I've loved this course from the first time I saw it. It's possibly the best in the world.” JACK NICKLAUS, 18-TIME MAJOR CHAMPION
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