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Tailgate at The Grove at University of Mississippi
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Tailgate at The Grove at University of Mississippi

Published or Updated November 19, 2018
Location: United States
Sport: Football
Level: College
Event Type: Venue
First Held: 1915
Next Up: 11/22/2018-11/22/2018
When and Where: every fall in Oxford, MS

Shaded by oak, elm and magnolia trees, and clocking in at ten acres, The Grove is a near perfect and legendary tailgating area located in the heart of the Ole Miss campus, and has been described by The Sporting News as “the Holy Grail of tailgating sites.”

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Whether a lifelong Grove patron or a Grove virgin making an initial visit to the tailgating mecca, what actually happens during the football game itself has little impact on the southern hospitality folks experience during their Grove experiences. Even fans of opposing teams leave the Grove having received a welcome and experience, totally unimagined. Seph Anderson
"In Oxford lies, as promised, the most magical place on all of God's green football playing Earth: the Grove. A school of red and white and blue tents swimming in a shaded 10-acre forest of oak trees, floating in an ocean of goodwill and even better manners. It seems 97% of the world's most really really ridiculously good looking people go to Ole Miss." Sports Illustrated
"Tailgating in The Grove is an experience so sublime even native son William Faulkner would be at a loss to describe it." ESPN
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