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Talladega Superspeedway

Published or Updated April 22, 2019
Location: United States
Sport: Auto Racing
Level: Professional
Also Known As: The Big One
Event Type: Venue
First Held: 1969
Next Up: 4/26/2019-4/28/2019
When and Where: one weekend in April and one in October in Eastaboga, AL

Located in Alabama between Birmingham and Atlanta, Georgia, on an abandoned air field, the Talladega Speedway is widely regarded as the biggest and baddest NASCAR race of the season with league’s longest track at 2.66 miles and biggest spectator event with a capacity of 175,000.

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“I’d been to Daytona and seen races at Daytona and had never been to Talladega to actually see a race and just coming through the tunnel, this place was so big and so fast and it was quite an experience. I still have that same experience coming through the tunnel. You come through here and think, ‘This place is really, really cool.’ The history and the great drivers that have come through that tunnel are some of the really great ones- Bobby Allison, Richard Petty and all those guys in there hay day came through there so its pretty special to be able to do that too.” David Reutimann
Brian Vickers "I love it. I love coming to Talladega. It's a great track - - one of my favorites. Three-wide at 200, you can't beat it. The fans here are awesome. They're super dedicated and I like it."
Scott Speed "To me this is definitely on edge. This is the most intense thing that I've experienced in my racing career for sure."
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