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Tiger Stadium at Louisiana State University
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Tiger Stadium at Louisiana State University

Published or Updated November 12, 2018
Location: United States
Sport: Football
Level: College
Also Known As: Death Valley
Event Type: Venue
First Held: 1924
Next Up: 11/17/2018-11/17/2018
When and Where: every fall at Baton Rouge, LA

When you and your buddies come to play in Death Valley, fans nickname for Tiger Stadium at LSU, understand that you will be squeezed in between 92,4000 screaming LSU fans, and you may not make it out alive.

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"Unfair is playing LSU on a Saturday night in Baton Rouge." Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee
"Baton Rouge happens to be the worst place in the world for a visiting team. It's like being inside a drum." Bear Bryant
"The most feared road playing site in America" Sport Magazine
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