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Tulsa Jenks vs. Tulsa Union Football Game
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Tulsa Jenks vs. Tulsa Union Football Game

Published or Updated September 6, 2016
Location: United States
Sport: Football
Level: High School
Also Known As: Backyard Bowl
Event Type: Rivalry
First Held: 1946
Next Up: 9/9/2016-9/9/2016
When and Where: every September in Tulsa, OK

Tulsa’s finest meet at least once a year, but the true spectacle is when the two teams – widely regarded as the state’s best high school football programs – meet in a championship game.

When that happens, you can expect crowds north of 30,000 to show up to cheer their warriors on in a matchup known as the Backyard Brawl.

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"When I looked up and saw over 40,000 fans, I thought, holy mackerel." Jenks coach Allan Trimble
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