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The Beanpot Tourney

Published or Updated February 11, 2019
Location: United States
Sport: Hockey
Level: College
Event Type: Team Championship
First Held: 1952
Next Up: 2/4/2019-2/11/2019
When and Where: every February in Boston, MA

Hockey in Boston is serious business.

College hockey can get even nastier, and the Beanpot Tourney is as seriously contested as a Bruins – Canadians Stanley Cup series.

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“What the Beanpot means to me? Quite simply, there are two words that come to mind: tradition and emotion. Anyone who has a pulse around here knows about the tradition of the Beanpot. I'm a local kid. I grew up in Scituate. I started coming to the Beanpot about the same time I started playing hockey.” David Silk, former BU forward and 1980 Olympic gold medal winner
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