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The Calgary Stampede

Published or Updated July 1, 2019
Location: Canada
Sport: Rodeo
Level: Professional
Also Known As: The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth
Event Type: Event
First Held: 1912
Next Up: 7/5/2019-7/14/2019
When and Where: every July in Calgary, Canada

With roots tracing back to 1886, The Calgary Stampede, a ten-day festival, fair, rodeo and exhibition can only be described as a cowboy’s paradise.

Billed as The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth, the event attracts millions of visitors to scenic Calgary each year, embracing the spirit of the Wild West in a setting that combines urban, ranch, and mountain cultures.

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"Every year for nearly a century, the western Canadian city of Calgary (Alberta) hosts the wildest cowboy extravaganza on earth." Unknown
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