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Alabama vs. Auburn Football Game
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Alabama vs. Auburn Football Game

Published or Updated November 19, 2018
Location: United States
Sport: Football
Level: College
Also Known As: Iron Bowl
Event Type: Rivalry
First Held: 1893
Next Up: 11/24/2018-11/24/2018
When and Where: every November, rotating between Tuscaloosa and Auburn, AL.

Birmingham, Alabama is a steel town, so when the Crimson Tide meet the Auburn Tigers, the clash of metal on metal can be heard throughout college football. Auburn and Alabama first met on February 22, 1893, in Birmingham, Alabama, and the story goes that the rivalry was nasty from the start.

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"It is satisfying obviously, because when I was hired I was told, and I'm sure Nick Saban and everybody that coaches at Alabama have been told, that you have to win the Iron Bowl matchup. In this game, winning is for bragging rights. You want to give your fans the opportunity to walk in to a restaurant, Wal-Mart, or business and be able to brag about the game. And, it is only a game; it is not life or death. If there is anything close to that, then it would probably be the emotions of this game in terms of fans. Most players will have the opportunity to come back and play in it next year, so it is not the end of the world, but the fans really enjoy it; probably even more than the coaches or players.” Auburn Coach Tommy Tuberville
"They said they had the No. 1 defense in the nation, but they didn't show it. They didn't step up to the challenge. They said a lot of things, but you know what? They can put this (loss) in a turkey and smoke it." AU linebacker Karlos Dansby after the 2002 AU/Bama game in Tusculoosa
"Sure I'd like to beat Notre Dame, don't get me wrong. But nothing matters more than beating that cow college on the other side of the state." Paul "Bear" Bryant
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