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The Ultimate Sports List TM


The Ultimate Sports List TM is the brainchild of Tom Walsh, a lifetime sports fan and resident of Cincinnati, OH.

Upon attending his first event, the 1970 MLB All Star Game in Cincinnati, Walsh began -- unwittingly at first -- compiling The Ultimate Sports List TM. While chairing the organizing committee for the NCAA Hockey Championship in 1996, Walsh traveled to Albany, NY to attend the regional tourney.  While there, he visited the Basketball Hall of Fame in Springfield, MA and the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, NY.  It was during this trip that the idea for The Ultimate Sports List TM , a checklist of the world's greatest sporting events, was born.

The Ultimate Sports List TM is a website for the sports traveler, a group the spends over $45 billion per year in the United States. At its core, provides a list of the world's 150 greatest sporting events.  But beyond the list, it is an interactive website where fans can share their experiences and opinions about the world's greatest sporting events in a social media environment.  Think of as a virtual sports bar where fans gather to rank and discuss these events.