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Please use the following sections to help you in navigating the pages of  Although we have designed the site to be user friendly, you may find the tips below helpful.

REGISTRATION:   Video Tutorial

Use Facebook Connect or set up your own user id and password.

Remember to go to the "My Sports" section to indicate the sports you like.

The List:

This is the actual Ultimate Sports List, in order.

Below each event, you have two choices:  Click “Add to my Passport” if you have been to the event.  Click “Add to my List” if you would like to add it to your personal favorites list (more on the under My List).  There is a search and filter function at the bottom of the page (if you want to see all baseball events, or all rivalries, or use the search to find all events with “Boston” in the name). Clicking on the event name will take you to the actual event page.

Based on how many events you have attended and how they are ranked, you will receive a score, and that score will determine the badge that appears on your profile page.  You will then be able see what type of sports traveler you are versus other members.

The points per event attended are determined as follows:

Event Rank  
From To Points
1   25
2   22
3   20
4   15
5   13
6 10 12
11 20 11
21 30 10
31 40 9
41 50 7
51 75 6
76 100 5
101 150 4


Your Badge will be determined as follows:

 Badge Name Points Hall of Fame  700
 Sports Fanatic 400
 Sports Traveler 200
 Sports Fan 100
 Casual Observer 50
 Bench Warmer 10
 Couch Potato 0


My Passport:   Video Tutorial

This page summarizes the events you have attended. You can make comments about the event (“went to the 2010 Super Bowl in Miami”) or add images from here as well.  The “View Passport” tab shows your current list. The “Add to my Passport” shows the whole list (in similar fashion to the TUSL page) with search and filter functions.

My Sports Bucket List:

This is the page where you can create your own list of events.  It can be you own list of the best events in the world (whether you have been to them or not), it can be a wish list (the 10 events you would like to see), or the best events you have seen (the 20 best events you have been to).  The “+View my list” tab show the ones you have selected already.  If you put the cursor over one of the events, you can hold down the left clicker and drag it up or down to reorder the list. The “+ Add to my list” tab shows the whole list with the search and filter options.  You can add an event to your list that isn’t on the main list (ie. you couldn’t find it in the search or filters) by clicking "+ Add my own event".

The Cities:

We applied the Passport point system, with a few added variables, to the cities in the United States that have hosted the events on The Ultimate Sports List to determine The Ultimate Sports Cities.  See the Top 30 on the Cities page and click the individual city to see what events it has hosted.


Our Fan dashboard tracks your activity on the site, awards you points, and shows how you rank versus our other members.  Soon we will have monthly prize drawings where you will have as many chances as you have accumulated points in that month.  Activity points are awarded as follows:

 Activity Points
 Logins 2.0
 Votes 0.1
 MSBL Created 5.0
 Passport Created 5.0
 Pictures Posted 5.0
 Discussions Started 5.0
 Discussions Contributed 3.0
 Facebook Likes 5.0


Voting Booth:

The Voting Booth is where the actual list is compiled and the rankings are determined (we will release an updated Ultimate Sports List  based on the results of the Voting Booth on an annual basis). 

In the Voting Booth, you will be presented a choice as to which of two randomly selected events you would like to attend.  You merely choose one and it presents you another random choice.  If you are not familiar with either of the events, roll the mouse over the green question mark and bubble will give you a brief description.

Travel and Tickets:

You can book your travel or buy tickets to these events from our affiliates.

Event Pages:

Each event on The Ultimate Sports List TM has it's own page.

Here you can see the event descriptions, pictures, facts, articles and links about the events.  You can also click "Add to my Passport” (meaning you've attended the event) on this page, or indicate “I am a Fan,” which just means you like the event. You can also start a discussion about the event, participate in discussion started by others, or download your own photos of the event.

Share This:

If you'd like to share your list or the page about your favorite event with your friends, click the "Share This" icon and share through Facebook, Twitter or any of the other available social networks.