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Media Contact: Jackie Reau, Game Day Communications
(513) 929-4263


04/30/2011: Interview with Betsy Ross on WVXU-FM and National Public Radio

04/17/2011: Los Angeles is The Ultimate Sports City on

04/06/2011: Cincinnati named a Top 20 Ultimate Sports City on FOX19

04/06/2011: The Ultimate Sports Cities Announced

01/07/2011: Interview with Andy Furman on Real Talk 1160

07/13/2010: Betsy Ross interviews Tom Walsh at the Reds Hall of Fame

07/04/2010: Tom Walsh on Sports of All Sorts with John Popovich

06/15/2010: Article on .

06/11/2010: Top Ten Announced on FOX19 Morning Show in Cincinnati

06/10/2010: Interview with Lance McAlister on WLW

06/06/2010: Interview with Betsy Ross on WVXU-FM and National Public Radio .

06/04/2010: Interview with Mo Egger on ESPN Radio in Cincinnati

06/02/2010: Our first rip job, and wouldn't you know, it's from Cleveland !

06/01/2010: Article on Social Cincinnati at .

06/01/2010: Gigi Verna at the CincyBizBlog at .

06/01/2010: Bleacher Report article at .

06/01/2010: Great article on's launch by The Cincinnati Enquirer's Shannon Russell at .