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Army vs. Navy Football Game
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Army vs. Navy Football Game

Published or Updated December 3, 2018
Location: United States
Sport: Football
Level: College
Event Type: Rivalry
First Held: 1890
Next Up: 12/8/2018-12/8/2018
When and Where: every 2nd Saturday in December, currently in Philadelphia, PA.

Armies and Navies are created to do battle – to defend borders, hold lines, and advance the agenda of their sovereignties.

But when they both fight under the same flag, they take the battle to the gridiron.

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"Sir, it's the Army game, sir." --Cory Schemm, Navy Receiver, on begging his coach to play in the Army-Navy game after his shoulder was separated.
"It's something special in college athletics. It's not a game to affect the is much more than that." Beano Cook
"If it was, Army and Navy would be playing for the national championship every year." Former Florida State Coach Bobby Bowden, asked if discipline was the key to winning
"There's always something special when the service academies play each other that's not in any other game. This is not a regular game and everyone involved knows it." Roger Staubach, former Navy Quarterback and Heisman Trophy Winner
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