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Two Great Races This Weekend

Written by Tom Walsh on July 23rd, 2010 with

Two great races, both members of The Ultimate Sports List, take place this weekend in the upper Midwest. But the two races couldn’t be any more different.

In Akron, Ohio, the 73rd All-American Soap Box Derby (ranked #144 on will roll down Derby Hill on Saturday, July 24. Over 500 racers, ages 8-17, will compete, many in cars built in their garages with their fathers. 15,000 fans will roar their approval.
In Chicago, Illinois, the 102nd Chicago Yacht Club Race to Mackinac (ranked #131 will launch beneath the glimmering Chicago skyline, also on Saturday, July 24. Over 3,000 sailors will pilot the 360+ boats in the longest fresh water regatta in the world. Sometime next week, the boats will arrive at Mackinac Island, Michigan to a hero’s welcome and the sailors will celebrate with several days of parties on this bucolic islewhere cars are not allowed and transportation is by horse and bicycle.
And the differences?
Where the Derby cars are homemade, the yachts of the Mac can cost up to a million dollars.
The Derby races are 954 feet; the Mac is 333 miles.
The Derby cars are piloted by kids; those who have competed in the Mac 25 times are called Old Goats.
Although neither race would be considered one of the world’s most famous, they are each unique in their own way and worthy of their inclusion on The Ultimate Sports List of the world’s greatest sporting events.  Find out more about these two races at their respective websites, Derby and Mac .
Tom Walsh TJDubs Founder

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