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What's Up in This Week

Written by Tom Walsh on October 7th, 2010 with

There are several place to catch TUSL Top 150 events in the coming week.

  • #80 Keeneland Race Track opens its fall session tomorrow.
  • Notre Dame hosts Pittsburgh Saturday at #60 Notre Dame Stadium.
  • Washington hosts Arizona State at #118 Husky Stadium Saturday.
  • #93 Camp Randall Stadium will be rocking as Wisconsin hosts Big Ten rival Minnesota Saturday
  • The Yankees will be back at #59 Yankee Stadium for games 3-4 of the ALDS with the Twins and Saturday and Sunday (if necessary).
  • #66 Monday Night Football is at the new Meadowlands as the Jets host the Vikings.
  • With the NFL season picking up steam and the baseball playoffs getting underway, now is a great time to visit their respective halls of fame, #52 National Baseball Hall of Fame and #132 Pro Football Hall of Fame.


Tom Walsh TJDubs Founder

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