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A Big Month in February

Written by Tom Walsh on February 3rd, 2011 with

Although February is the shortest month - and thankfully for those of us who live in the cold north - it is a month of big changes at The Ultimate Sports List TM

In the next week, we will announce four major partnerships that will make your experience on our site more enriching.  We will announce partnerships with both a travel and a ticket website that will allow you to make all of your arrangements as you travel to the world's best sporting events.  We will also add a major merchandiser as a partner, and finally, an online sports gaming website that will allow you to play computer simulations of some of our great rivalry games and championships.  Each of these partnerships should enhance your time on our site.

Around mid-month, we will announce our inaugural Ultimate Sports Cities list.  Using the same formula from our Passport that allowed us to determine The Ultimate Sports Fan, based on how many events you have attended and how high they are ranked, we will announce the list of the Top 25 US Sports Cities, based on how many of these iconic events they have hosted.

And finally, towards the end of the month, we will begin voting for The Ultimate Sports List 2011, which we will announce in mid-April.  We will add events to the voting that our members have placed on their own Ultimate Sports Bucket Lists, and open up the list for new nominations.  As a matter of fact, if you have an event that you would like us to consider adding to the voting, drop us an email at 



Tom Walsh TJDubs Founder

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