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SeatGeek: Our New Ticket Partner!

Written by Tom Walsh on March 7th, 2011 with

We are excited to announce that SeatGeek is now the official ticket partner of The Ultimate Sports List TM.

SeatGeek is a ticket search engine, pulling in pricing from all the major secondary ticket markets and helping their customers find the best tickets at the best prices for a particular event.  In addition, the company’s Deal Score™ and forecasting technology provides fans with the buying intelligence needed to find the best prices from trusted secondary ticket markets and alerts them of the ideal time to purchase. Through a partnership with, SeatGeek allows potential buyers to actually see a computer generated view from the seat before they make their purchase.

SeatGeek powers ticket search, discovery, and listings for major media partners including Yahoo! Sports, The Wall Street Journal, BleacherReport, YardBarker, and more.

Our redesigned ticket page features ticket links to all four major US sports leagues, the BCS conference football and basketball teams, the golf and tennis tours, and NASCAR. SeatGeek ads will appear on most pages, with either tickets to the specific event, or featured tickets from sporting events in your area. In addition, clicking the ticket icon next to each event will take you right to the SeatGeek page for that particular event.

This partnership will greatly enhance our goal to be the premier site for those who travel to the world's great sporting events.



Tom Walsh TJDubs Founder

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