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Coming April 6: The Ultimate Sports City!

Written by Tom Walsh on March 30th, 2011 with

First we gave you The Ultimate Sports List, the world's top 150 sporting events as voted by sports fans around the world.  Then, using our My Passport feature, where fans check off the events they have attended and receive points based on the number and rank of those events, we announced The Ultimate Sports Fan, the person with the most Passport points.

On Wednesday, April 6, using the same logic from our My Passport feature, we will announce The Ultimate Sports City,or that US city which has accumulated the most points based on the number and rank of the events it has hosted.  Actually, we will announce the 30 top US cities, with the city ranked #1 carrying the moniker of The Ultimate Sports City.

Stay tuned to see if your city made the list!


Tom Walsh TJDubs Founder

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