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Win a $250 Gift Certificate!

Written by Tom Walsh on May 12th, 2011 with

The Ultimate Sports List is excited to announce, in conjunction with the voting for our 2011 list of the world's greatest sporting events, a contest open to all of our members.  The winner of our drawing will receive a $250 gift certificate from  What do you have to do to win? 

Our new Fan Dashboard tracks the activity points of each of our members, according to the following grid:

Activity Points
Logins 2.0
Votes 0.1
MSBL Created 5.0
Passport Created 5.0
Pictures Posted 5.0
Discussions Started 5.0
Discussions Contributed 3.0
Facebook Shares/Likes 5.0









We will total each fan's points from May 1, 2011 through June 10, 2011.  In our random drawing, fans will receive one chance for each point accumulated.  In other words, more activity equals more points equals more chances to win $250 from!  The complete rules can be found at this link

So get busy fans!  Whether it's voting, sharing on Facebook, creating your sports bucket list, or adding the photo's and comments from the events you've seen, start accumulating Activity Points and maybe you can be next month's big winner of a $250 gift certificate from  You can follow your progress for the next month on our Fan Dashboard.


Contest is open to members who are at least 18 years of age.  See the link for the complete contest rules.




Tom Walsh TJDubs Founder

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