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Day 2 - 25 More Events Announced.

Written by Tom Walsh on June 2nd, 2010 with

The envelope please:

Rank Event
55 Texas vs. Oklahoma Football Game
63 The Sugar Bowl
70 Vasco da Gama vs. Flamengo Soccer Match at Maracana Stadium
76 The Preakness Stakes
79 Spring Training Trip to Florida's Gulf Coast
81 Dallas Cowboys vs. Washington Redskins Football Game
83 Kansas vs. Missouri Basketball Game at Allen Fieldhouse
84 Montreal Canadians vs. Toronto Maple Leafs Hockey Game
85 Tiger Stadium at Louisiana State University
87 The Orange Bowl
102 A Big 5 Game at the Palestra
104 Cincinnati vs. Xavier College Basketball Game
105 Kyle Field at Texas A&M University
107 Oriole Park at Camden Yards
109 The Brazilian Grand Prix
124 Tailgate at The Grove at University of Mississippi
126 Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Cleveland Browns Football Game
130 Field Of Dreams Movie Site
132 The Pro Football Hall Of Fame
137 The Calgary Stampede
139 The Minnesota State High School Hockey Championships
142 Grambling vs. Southern Football Game
143 National High School Baseball Championship (Japan) 
144 All American Soap Box Derby
146 Tulsa Jenks vs. Tulsa Union Football Game


Tom Walsh TJDubs Founder

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