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College Football Events on The Ultimate Sports List

Written by Tom Walsh on September 2nd, 2010 with

College football kicks off this weekend.  What are its greatest events/venues?  We list the 20 that made The Ultimate Sports List, with their overall rank in parentheses, plus 3 honorable mentions.

The Ultimate College Football List:

  1. The BCS National Championship Game (#11 Overall)
  2. The Rose Bowl Game (#13, Top Bowl Game)
  3. Army vs. Navy Football Game (#18, Top College Football Rivalry)
  4. Ohio State vs. Michigan Football Game (#24)
  5. Alabama vs. Auburn Football Game (#31)
  6. Florida vs. Georgia Football Game (#40)
  7. Harvard vs. Yale Football Game (#44)
  8. Texas vs. Oklahoma Football Game (#55)
  9. Notre Dame Stadium (#60, Top College Football Stadium)
  10. USC vs. UCLA Football Game (#61)
  11. The Sugar Bowl Game (#63)
  12. Tiger Stadium at Louisiana State University (#85)
  13. The Orange Bowl Game (#87)
  14. Memorial Stadium at University of Nebraska (#89)
  15. Camp Randall Stadium at University of Wisconsin (#93)
  16. Kyle Field at Texas A&M University (#105)
  17. The Fiesta Bowl Game (#106)
  18. Husky Stadium at University of Washington (#118)
  19. Tailgate at The Grove at University of Mississippi (#124)
  20. Grambling vs. Southern Football Game (#142)
  21. Stanford vs. California Football Game (NR)
  22. Neyland Stadium at University of Tennessee (NR)
  23. Oregon vs. Oregon State Football Game (NR)
Tom Walsh TJDubs Founder

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