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Top Baseball Events on The Ultimate Sports List

Written by Tom Walsh on August 19th, 2010 with

With the pennant races heating up, and the Little League World Series starting Friday, we thought it was a great time to rank the baseball events on The Ultimate Sports List. Sixteen baseball events/venues (with their overall rank in parenthesis) made the main list, with five more added that were honorable mentions.

The Ultimate Baseball List:

  1. The World Series  (#8 Overall)
  2. Wrigley Field (#26)
  3. Fenway Park (#33)
  4. The MLB Championship Series (#37)
  5. The MLB All Star Game (#39)
  6. New York Yankees vs. Boston Red Sox Baseball Game (#42)
  7. Cincinnati Reds Opening Day Game (#47)  
  8. The Little League World Series (#49)
  9. The National Baseball Hall Of Fame (#52)
  10. The College World Series (#54)
  11. Yankee Stadium (#59)
  12. Spring Training Trip to Florida’s Gulf Coast (#79)
  13. Dodger Stadium (#94)
  14. Oriole Park at Camden Yards (#107)
  15. Field Of Dreams Movie Site (#130)
  16. National High School Baseball Championship (Japan)  (#143)
  17. The World Baseball Classic (NR)
  18. Caribbean Series (NR)
  19. Rickwood Field (NR)
  20. Japan Championship Series (NR)
  21. KeySpan Park, Home of the Brooklyn Cyclones (NR)



Tom Walsh TJDubs Founder

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